Some quick ways to detox your mindset ..

Keeping your mindset clear, light, focused and agile is not always easy in today’s world of 24/7 information overload. The moment we allow information overload to take control or have an impact, we succumb to negative vibes and lowered energy which then makes us feel debilitated.

If you’re not careful, and you’re not seeking daily mindfulness (or living in the ‘Now’ state), your headspace can quickly get clogged up and your focus and peace of mind go out of the window.

So here’s a few mindset detox ideas to try out:

– Practice mindfulness
– Check in with yourself on a regular basis
– Do a brain dump and translate your priorities onto a clear to-do list
– Use self-awareness techniques (or coaching support) to ensure you are not mired in negative thought patterns
– Review who you surround yourself with and prune out any negative influences
– Take up mind-calming activities such as yoga, meditation, light exercise, journaling or walks in nature
– Carve out time for yourself to reflect and re-focus your mindset

Once you bring awareness to your day-to-day mindset, become more present and mindful and practice a few of these mindset detox ideas, you are bound to find yourself feeling significantly calmer and in control. Alternatively, an easy solution could be to find a coach to help guide you through some of these processes.

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