Getting back to our authentic selves

Self-awareness is a powerful tool in day-to-day life and in business. The more you ‘know thyself’ (this was a wise piece of advice going the rounds in ancient Greece over 2,500 years ago), the more personal power you will wield. And the greater inner confidence you will gain.

Given the apparent simplicity of this concept, it is amazing how many people get caught up in confusion and complexity in their lives. We can all, unwittingly, be stuck in unconscious habits and biases which do not serve our goals and hung up on ancient memories and hurts which we forget we can completely move on from.

It’s never easy to assess ourselves objectively and strip away outdated beliefs and memories that no longer serve our purpose. Simple but powerful coaching processes, conducted by an experienced coach, are – more often than not – the best way to re-see yourself and get back to your authentic self. Very often, feeling 100% lighter, more refreshed and raring to get out there and forge new and exciting positive life experiences.

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